Hybrid Power Systems

As the cost of renewable energy generation technologies decline, combined with the mainstream availability of cost-effective battery energy storage systems, hybrid power systems and microgrids are becoming cost competitive for various weak-grid applications. Hybrid power systems can offer lower cost of operation when benefits such as diesel deferment, outage reduction, enhanced energy efficiency, easier integration and control and other ancillary services and benefits are realized for a single site.

Hybrid power systems also offer benefits such as black-start capabilities, increased resiliency and often impact the environment in a greatly reduced manner due to their ability to significantly enhance the performance of both conventional and renewable generation assets. WRH Telecommunications in partnership with its affiliate company, WRH Power Systems is continually refining its IntelligentRE™ system software and control system, which interfaces with the telecommunication's hybrid power system to acquire energy production, consumption and site operation telemetry, including local weather data. The IntelligentRE™ system uses this data, that is stored in a local and cloud-based historian repository, to make resource usage decisions that result in lower overall operating costs for the hybrid power system, which are simply presented and conveyed via the IntelligentRE™ system.