Grid Power

The telecommunications sites in Africa served by WRH Telecommunications are typically in weak-grid areas, where grid intermittencies and regular outages are prevalent. The traditional strong grid backup power telecommunication strategies deployed in North America and European regions do not work in most parts of Africa. WRH Telecommunications designs and builds hybrid power systems for these locations, which consist of solar photovoltaics, lithium-ion battery storage, small-scale diesel generators coupled with WRH Power Systems’ Energy AI System™ and Energy AI Dashboard™.

WRH Telecommunications’ affiliate company, WRH Power Systems, LLC, is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of conventional and renewable energy technologies, including automated asset control systems, project simulation and design, and project enhancement for existing assets. The WRH Power Systems’ solution addresses a growing global demand for distributed power generation using islanded and microgrid power systems to increase reliability and lower operating costs. WRH Power Systems, designs, builds, owns and operates these power systems predominantly on the North American Grid.