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Telecom Tower Power Systems

Various Locations - Africa

WRH Telecommunications, LLC, an affiliate company of W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc., and WRH Power Systems, has offices in Cape Town, South Africa to serve the South African and Sub-Saharan regions. WRH Power Systems works alongside its affiliate company, WRH Telecommunications on the engineering, design, fabrication, controls and monitoring of weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication towers and power systems. These hybrid power systems consists of solar photovoltaics, lithium-ion battery storage, small-scale diesel generators coupled with WRH Power Systems’ Energy AI System™ and Energy AI Dashboard™. WRH Telecommunications’ technology provides significant diesel deferment at these weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication sites, delivering considerable savings to the carriers, while also offering significant pollution reduction.

In 2014, there were over 200,000 off-grid and bad-grid telecommunication towers added in Sub-Saharan Africa. WRH Telecommunications is servicing both greenfield and brownfield sites with OPEX (Selling kWh’s) and leasing (Fixed monthly payments) solutions for the mainstream carriers.